5 Ways to Get Your Groove Back (Postpartum)

Although conceiving wasn’t the easiest for us, my pregnancy was, and luckily I was able to enjoy and indulge as I pleased without any medical worries. I ended up gaining about 60 lbs by the time the girls were born, and granted I had twins, but that’s a lot for my 5 foot 3 frame. It’s been over a year now and I’ve got about 15 more lbs to loose before I can fit into my (pre-baby) clothes again! It’s not as easy to shed the weight when you have babies to take care of but definitely possible. Here are 5 things that have helped me get my groove back. I hope they help to you too.

  1. Keep a Food Log. Over the years I have found that in order to successfully loose weight I need accountability. I like using MyFitnessPal because it makes it really easy to log and track foods, you can set goals even for Macros, and personally I like visuals. It also makes me think twice about what I’m going to eat and I end up making better food choices. Another tip is to track even if you decide to indulge and go over caloric goals. It takes the guilt out completely and you are able to enjoy it and move on.
  2. Group Fitness Classes. Life would probably be a lot easier for me if I could work out at home, but the truth is I don’t have the discipline to do it. Therefore group fitness classes are a must for me. My favorite workout had always been kickboxing but when you have babies, finding the time becomes way more challenging. Lucky for me I found Fit4Mom! It’s literally been a life saver and the workouts are no joke. I get to take my girls with me, and workout with other moms who understand the struggle. I’ve met some of the most amazing and inspiring mamas, and if you’re having a hard time finding the time to exercise, what kind of exercise to do or just want to connect with other moms, this is the answer! They offer a variety of classes for all stages of motherhood so make sure to go to their site for more info.
  3. Drink Water. When I drink the recommended half of my weight in ounces and feel so much more energized and clear headed. I also tend not to over snack and crave sweets. Hell yes, H2O!
  4. Meal Planning. I don’t always meal prep, but I try to at least meal plan. Meal prepping is A LOT of work and probably worth it but babies make everything that much harder and so then it comes down to what do I have time and energy to do. What has been working for me is to inventory all the food I have on Sunday, and write down what I plan to use and cook for dinner each night, and make a list of items that I still need to get at the grocery store to make my meals. I usually go to the grocery store on Tuesdays or Thursdays when my MIL comes over to help with the girls or I use Instacart which is the best thing everrrrrr! If you’ve never used it,  it’s a grocery delivery service and you have to try it. Click here for a $10 credit.
  5. Clothing Subscription. For the longest time I wanted to try one of these out, but pre-babies I always had plenty of time to shop, and I love a good bargain hunt. However, after I had my girsl I realized that clothing subscriptions are the ish! For one thing I can try on at home, in peace, while the girls are asleep, and I get to try things on with items I already have and see if it’s something I’ll actually wear. It’s such an easy way to refresh your wardrobe, and it keeps me motivated to consistently do the first four things I mentioned. I chose Trunk Club (but there are more options) and this is why I love it:
    • It’s affiliated with Nordstrom and I can use my Nordstrom card.
    • You can sign up to get a “Trunk” once a month, every two months, or every three months, and you can skip or cancel anytime.
    • You can also set a price range so that you don’t receive items that you’ll fall in love with but can’t afford
    • You get a stylist! Stylist will put outfits together for you with items you choose to purchase and pieces you already have. All you have to do is add photos of things you already own.
    • You can choose clothes, accessories, or shoes.
    • You can review your “Trunk” before it ships it out, and request a replacement  or a different color or size.
    • You have 5 days to try on and return is super simple – they will pick up from your home



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