Learning Games

As a SAHM of twins I am constantly having to come up creative ways to keep my girls entertained, and it’s always a plus if they are learning too. I recently discovered Education.com and it’s such a great resource! They have so many great learning games and activities for your kiddos. I’m excited to get Cali and Gianna started, and even though they are just scribbling, I can still use the worksheets to teach them new words by pointing!

TIP: I also use the worksheet and translate the words to Spanish since they are learning both  languages simultaneously.

Here is a FREE worksheet to get you started. Let me know what you think!

Spring Matching List WS

Spring Matching List Answers

There’s so much to do and discover in springtime! Use this worksheet to teach your little ones how to spell some common spring words but make sure to check out Education.com for more reading fun. GO play some educational reading games!


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