Hi! My name is Laura Kennedy. I was born in Cali, Colombia, raised in Miami and have been living in Denver ever since my husband Chad, a Denver native, went to Miami with the sole purpose of meeting and marrying a beautiful Latin woman and importing her to Denver. I always tell Chad, he’s white on the outside but Colombian on the inside, and that’s why I married him. All joking aside, even though we come from completely different backgrounds we agree on the things that matter most to us and that’s why we have such a happy marriage.

The road to parenthood wasn’t as easy as we had hoped and we ended up having to go through 2 egg retrievals and 3 embryo transfers before we could officially get excited about becoming parents. IVF was long, emotionally draining, expensive and physically painful but the real challenge was yet to come. Pregnancy was a walk in the park compared to IVF, and although I had a really scary delivery, nothing could prepare us for the arrival of our fraternal twin girls, Cali and Gianna. On February 14, 2017 we became parents to the cutest Valentine’s Day baby girls ever! Parenthood is truly the hardest and greatest experience of my life and everything I went through to get here was worth it. That being said, I couldn’t have gotten through any of it without the immense support of my family and friends. I am forever grateful and blessed to have them.

Now that I’m here I want to share all things I wish I had known and the things I am learning along the way about motherhood and [twin] parenting. I hope that my experiences help you there get through your days and maybe even laugh a little – because being a twin mom is jam, jam!

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