Our First Family Photo Shoot

The weekend before Cali and Gianna turned one, we had our first family shoot at Kellie Photo Portrait Studio in Denver. I was super nervous because it was our first time getting professional photos taken as a family, and I wasn’t sure how the girls would react in a studio setting. I tried my best to time naps perfectly that day, and make sure I had comfy, easy to change, and of course super cute outfits picked out. Outfits turned out great, naps could have been better but we made it work. Besides outfits I made sure to pack some snacks and milk to keep them happy during breaks, and baby wipes definitely came in handy too!

The photo shoot was super fun and not as stressful as I had imagined. It was such a simple and comfortable setting. I let the girls crawl and walk around and enjoy the space (making sure they didn’t destroy the place) and this really helped them feel at ease when it was time to actually shoot. Kellie was so great at making them smile and was so sweet & easy going. She really did make it painless!

I am so happy we did the photo shoot when we did. It was the perfect time to capture our little ones and let those personalities shine. My favorite shots where definitely the candid ones where you can see and feel all the love in our family. The only hard part now is choosing which pictures to get. I know Kellie will be shooting more of us in the future. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

THANK YOU Kellie Photo Portrait Studio for capturing these moments and letting us enjoy them forever!!



4 thoughts on “Our First Family Photo Shoot

  1. Those babies are everything!!! Pictures are amaze balls- hats off to the photographer, she did have a gorgeous family to work with 😘 love you all


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